Our Staff

AngelikaAngelika Oeckl
Born and raised in Bremen Germany
Moved to Berlin in 1979
Graduated from a 3 ½ year program in dental technology school in 1983
Moved to USA 1999
Worked with Josef Choy at Zone Dental lab ( now Legend dental lab) in Bellevue WA
For 6 ½ years Angelika worked closely with Leon Hermanides at Protea Dental Studio in Redmond WA which provided opportunities to learn advanced dental lab techniques and procedures from John Kois’ programs and Leon’s abundance of knowledge.

Angelika participated in numerous programs, courses and continuous education with: John Kois , Greg Kinzer, Ed Mc Laren, Brad Jones, Gordon Christensen, Mooki Kim, Pascal and Michele Magne, Enrico Steeger, Lee Culp, Naoki Aiba, Ariel Raigrodski, Peter Pizzi, Carl Mish, Russ de Vreughd, Dennis Tarnow, Mike Bellerino, Frank Spear, Willy Geller, Gerard Chiche, Axel Seeger, Ricardo Mitrani, Yasuhiko Kawabe, Rhys Spor, Matt Roberts, Mark Murphy, Jimmy Eubank

Angelika Oeckl is a sustained Member of the AACD and working on her accreditation.
Currently she is a Student at the Kois Center.
Previous member of the Seattle Study club “Great blue Heron”
Member of the WSDLA

LillaLilla DaRe
Born and raised in Budapest Hungary
Graduated from dental technology school in 1982 and received her Masters degree in 1987
She moved to the USA in 1995